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    The "first impressions" of veer note that you can slip it into your pants pocket and forget it is there.

    THat's well and good, but what if you do indeed forget it is there.

    I had a zuneHD that was like this, often would forget it was there. More than once I remembered and fished it out of my laundry hamper. And once it did (gasp) take the plunge and get run through the washing machine. I discovered when moving stuff to the dryer, then left it out to dry for a couple days and it worked just fine (thankfully). I have no illusions about a phone with a removeable battery cover sim card slot surviving such an experience though...

    heh... okayokay. Maybe not for most folks. But its the kind of thing I'd need to worry about, I'm kinda absent-minded at times.
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    Another plus about the TS charger is that when ever I get home, I instinctively place it on the TS charger without even thinking about doing it. My phone is always charged and I always know where it is.
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    The Veer has no removeable battery back, I guess that's a plus in this situation.
    Also, Adora mentioned it would be possible to attach a wrist strap. This might also be another way to carry it.

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