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    It's most likely because is in the process of being EOL. This is not unusual for brand transitions. Basically, the idea is that you leave the old destination site there, so that anyone looking for a product under that brand can still find it, but the main momentum forward happens at the new home for that brand.
    I would agree, but ... where is the new home for the brand? The "duh" response is, but there's nary a mention of mobile computing anywhere on that home page.

    EDIT - it's in a drop down list at the top ... which isn't terribly visible. As webOS picks up steam, I imagine we'll see a site redesign.

    Seems I spoke too soon anyway - now has a picture of the Veer as its homepage image, with accompanying AT&T announcement link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prego View Post
    The announcement of the german o2-site.

    arbe: schwarz
    Gesprächszeit: 300 Minuten
    Gewicht: 103 g
    Abmessungen: 84 x 54,5 x 15 mm
    Speicher: 8 GB intern
    Standby Zeit: 300 Stunden
    Displayauflösung: 320 x 400
    Kameraauflösung: 5 Megapixel mit Videofunktion
    Konnektivität: HSDPA, HSUPA, WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth
    Betriebssystem: HP webOS 2.0
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    O2 is also releasing the Veer!
    True but I am refering to unlocked users who like to take their Palm on any network they want Buying it of ATT and unlocking it was always cheaper than buying it off some network in Europe and especially today with good exchange rate its gonna be the bargain.
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    I also hope Sprint will be there for the PRE3.....
    it REALLY matters!
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    May 15 is also the release date of the Samsung Infuse on ATT... a massive 4.5" monster compared to the 2.6" Veer screen...
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    great... now the veer can't even shine on its own release date. instead of getting exclusive rights to a carrier, perhaps hp should have opted for exclusive release date...
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    Great no announcements here in Canada. Mind you, our carriers suck. The Atrix on Bell has already dropped to 79 bucks. No one must be buying it.
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