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    I know there is already an android phone using Stephen Furst in their ads. They use a play on his name "Furst" ("First") and a stock photo from his role as Flounder on Animal House. Which is fine, if you want to associate yourself with floundering.

    I think the Veer could use him as well, but instead from his Babylon 5 days, where he played Vir Cotto, assistant to Ambassador Londo Mollari. Vir is pronounced the same as Veer.

    Just an assistant? Well he was one of the few genuine good guys on the show, always trying to steer Londo to do the right thing (though he failed in that). When he had to he stepped up, it was he who killed the mad emperor Cartagia when Londo's plot failed, and probably saved their homeworld Centauri Prime. And in the episode that wrapped everything up, looking at the future... it was revealed that Vir become Emperor of the Centauri Republic.

    For an ad photo, you could use the moment when responds to Morden asking him "what do you want" (which is what Morden asked anyone, he was the bad guy). He answered at the time that he wanted Morden's head on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations... then said when this was done he would wave at him. You could use that picture and put a veer in his hands. Thus:

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    sigh, no one else here watched Babylon 5?
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    That is so cool and yes I also remember. Loved the show and thankfully still available on Netflix. Great shot by the way and gesture if I remember right. Sorli...
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    Great Show - still waiting for the continuation.
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    B5 was an AWESOME show...have several of their ringtones on my pixi...but this is one random post OP!

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    Wow. I totally thought this thread somehow was gonna be about the boxer Miguel Cotto or cotto salami!
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    Great Maker! This is awesome!
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    I was a huge fan of that show when it was running. I've even got it re-cued up in Netflix to watch sometime. But I'd have to say that Veer Cotto as the spokesperson would be one step up off of the Creepy Borg Queen-looking chick from Palm's original commercials. LOL

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