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    It'll be interesting to see what HP comes up with for the Veer ad campaign.

    The standard approach would be something like the Pixi ads with lots of young 20 ish people in an urban area. A more provocative approach would be to just feature a close-up of the phone being removed out of an ordinary everyday object like a coffee cup - kind of like the MacBook Air ads which had the air coming out of an interoffice mail envelope.

    It should be about now where we get to see the ad agency casting calls: "Young 20's hipsters needed for ad campaign for very small smartphone. Must have big hands but look great in skinny jeans and Keds."

    There probably will not be any images of the user interface since webOS really isn't the main selling point for the Veer, rather it's the size. It'll be interesting to see how they try to show how someone would need such a small phone. Tight pockets? Small hands?
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    Pull it out of a deck of cards case
    Like this:

    And I liked the Pixi ads. They need to do something that's like the new Pre 2 ads and the Pixi ads...combined. :3
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    Maybe an Oompa Looma ad :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLegacy View Post
    Pull it out of a deck of cards case
    That would be SO cool.
    Of course, then Apple would sue them...
    I think a cool ad would be it coming out of someone's sleeve. Lisa Brewster mentioned it had a wrist strap; I'm sure people really will keep them in their sleeves.
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    I like the idea of doing things like the Mac Book Air (deck of cards, front shirt pocket, 5th pocket on Levi's, that strange little cubby hole on every car's dash, running GPS and Pandora while strapped to the handle bars of a commuter's bicycle...)

    I think they should also show it as a 'hot spot.' That could be a big selling point for some. (I know other phones do this but few advertise it)
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    They could have something like a challenge where there is the veer and three "other" phones where they would have to complete five tasks such as post a picture on facebook, tweet, check something online, read a text, forward and email. And they show the veer flying through the tasks and finish first.

    This could be something to show that its not a wimpy phone.
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    Should show a bunch of guys with oversized phones in their front shirt pocket, to the point where it really noticeably drags them down...

    then show someone (obviously more attractive-looking than the other losers) look completely normal then pull it out of a shirt...

    Maybe also have people doing something active like jogging or playing tennis but still having the veer on them...
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    I honestly don't see HP doing much of a campaign for this other than the standard carrier ads. It's all Touchpad for them.
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    I just hope that they don't make it seem as if the Veer is intended for teenagers, because it isn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pecbquest04 View Post
    I just hope that they don't make it seem as if the Veer is intended for teenagers, because it isn't.
    seems a bit short sighted don't ya think? Teens can't use it? Thus, no marketing towards this group should occur? Who is the Veer intended for? I didn't know only certian types could use this phone. Please explain so we all know who can and can't have this phone.
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    no, he just said that it shouldn't be marketed only to teens, because marketing a phone requiring a costly data plan exclusively to kids is dumb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I honestly don't see HP doing much of a campaign for this other than the standard carrier ads. It's all Touchpad for them.
    Pretty bold statement It isn't all TouchPad for them... yeah, they are a computer giant, but this will be the first webOS phone they have ever launched and HP has never been one to pull back hard on ad dollars. Let's just wait and see if/how they push the device before saying it's 'all TouchPad'. LOL
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    I'm thinking it'll be a small ad campaign...get it...ok, sorry for the poor humor; I'm done now.
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    They will never show teens using it because even teens aren't interested in what other teens are using on ads. Teens want to use what young college-age adults are using. Notice the Microsoft Kin ads. These aren't exactly teens. If one of these people pulled out a Kin you would probably laugh at them for using such a dumb social phone.

    Again, who is the Veer targeted at, anyway?
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    I am rethinking the Veer in a more positive light. Especially if it is lightweight and small, it can be a great workout or evening out device, times one is hardly going to be browsing webpages but may want to be able quickly browse emails, texts, make phonecalls etc.

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