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    And of course the white version

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    I'm not gonna lie... I LOL'd.
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    Veer 2: smaller than a headphone jack.
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    When are they just going to come out with a pair of sun glasses with headphones built in, a la Dog the Bounty hunter, (minus the horrible mullett and Mr. T hair clips ) the inside of the lenses are the "screen" (heads up display, with configurable opacity from barely visable to 100% (can't see anything else with a complete virtual field of view, thus size of the screen is irrelevant) , the processing unit, memory, ram etc,etc fits in your pocket (BT connection or something to that effect) and your number pad on your wrist, and a peripheral BT keyboard.

    In summary: watch, shades, small box in your pocket the size of half a Pre, collapsable keyboard...of course all the power/capabilities of the best of the best smartphones.

    This could have been an entry months ago with design your own phone contest, oh well too late. Maybe one day
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveyfx View Post
    I'm not gonna lie... I LOL'd.
    me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    When are they just going to come out with a pair of sun glasses with headphones built in...
    That's old tech, think visual/audio information communicated to you via wireless electrical brain waves. It is what every company would ultimately strive to create as it comes into reach.
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    its very hard for your eye to focus on tings less than an inch from your face, which is why soem times people dont see giant smudges on their glasses. All the video glasses made so far have special lenses between you and the screen to focus it at the right length. Doing that with a thin panel that can also be made transparent would be super hard.

    The best progress I've seen is a group doing research on using whats basically a tiny low power pico projector and projecting straight onto the back of your eye. The issue there, apart from people being scared of having lasers pointed into their eyeballs, is its not always aligned with your iris.
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    You forgot one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    Veer 2: smaller than a headphone jack.
    That's why they need that magnetic headphone adapter.

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