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    I was just wondering, the Veer doesn't have a removable battery, and it's a GSM only phone, so, how would a SIM card be insterted into it? I've heard nothing of a slot or anything like that.
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    They probably used a solution similar to Apple's, where you have a small SIM card tray to be extracted with a special tool and/or a paperclip.
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    there is a slot in the top of the phone.
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    Is it a regular SIM or a micro-sim?

    When I visit panama I typically use a local sim and use that while there since it is cheaper. I then let everyone know what my temporary number is if they have to reach me, this also serves to discourage them contacting me unless they really really need to .

    You can get these sim cards there off just about any store (I last got one in a small grocer in Bocas del Toro) and then prepaid cards for it are available just about everywhere including street vendors. I know lots of people who do the same thing.

    I don't recall seeing micro-sim cards though. It has been over a year now since my last trip down, maybe they're available now?
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    you can cut regular sim to fit micro sim slot. Also, there are sim writer bundles with cloning software and writable sim cards for 10 eur if you don't want to cut your original sim card.
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    It is a regular SIM card, the only crazy company using micro sims is Apple

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    A micro-sim adapter should work in the slot. I use one to switch back and forth between an iPhone 4 and an LG Quantum. Works like a champ.
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