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    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    There was speculation in one of the recent palmcasts that TTS required hardware that the Pre2 doesn't have.
    it is possible, dare I say likely, that a software solution will arise, allowing a Pre2 to launch an app to create a TTS 'event'. The data is transferred over bluetooth, which the Pre2 has. The 'activation coil' hardware (similar tech as Touchstone) is not onboard... I think.
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    The Veer will get touch-to-share via an OTA update in the summer.
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    The Pre2 will not have TTS nor does it have the proper hw to get it through an OTA update. The Veer will get TTS with an OTA update and the Pre3 will have TTS out of the box.
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    None of the above.

    The correct answer is a Pixi or Pre2.
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    You rather have a pixi or pre 2 and not a Veer or Pre3?
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    Technically, I'd prefer a Pixi2 w/ nothing more than double the RAM... but that doesn't look like it's on the table for 2011.

    My order of preference would look something like this...

    - Pixi2
    - Pre2
    - EVO 3D
    - Kyocera Echo
    - Pre3
    - Veer
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    Why don't you like the Pre3 and Veer?
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    I'll probably buy the Pre3.

    I'm ok with the Pre screen size - but slightly larger is welcome.
    And the Pre3 screen slightly larger than IPhone - but smaller than fat 4" devices looks close to perfect to me.

    But the devil is in the detail. Price, availability, how soon a qwertz model will be released, performance, how it feels in the hand, ....
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    How about a Franken-Pixi? A Pixi Plus with the internals of the Veer hacked in ;-)
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    If the pre3 came out tomorrow for sprint, i'd be all over it despite having to pay full price for it.

    I need webOS back in my life!
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    i'm all about the pre3, just hoping that i don't have to have a frankenpre3 on sprint, slightly larger kbd, auto-focus cam, and the larger screen will make me happy, but if they screw with the ui too much, or if the os comes outta the gates with any issues/lags/major bugs, i just might be done with hp and palm. i'm enjoying the pre2 on sprint right now, but there are still some rather wonky things that should have been stamped out before release. pre3 has gotta be great!
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    Pre3 because I am a serious power user and the Veer isn't going to be on Verizon. I have considered it seriously (as I am getting the TouchPad) but I have came to the conclusion that the reason why I would love to have one because it is so tiny that it wouldn't be a bother at ALL..... unlike my temporary mammoth Evo. Would be a nice change, but the big reason why I won't be getting the Veer is because of the smaller screen and keyboard. Although the screen is very usable as it is the same size as the pixi's, I need a larger screen for what I do daily and the Pre3 will be perfect for me.

    What I think will really kill the Veer is the fact that it will only be on t-mobile. It is a great device. I really, really want to have something soooper small like it, but for me, the screen isn't powerful enough.
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    veer or pre3? how about a pixi on steroids?
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    I think that there are more chances of the Veer going to at&t than T-Mobile.
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    There are way more people that like the pixi than I thought! That's pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pecbquest04 View Post
    Pro's- awesome pocketability, fast and smooth performance, great CPU, cheap price?
    Con's- small keyboard, non-removable battery, no front-facing camera

    Pro's- front-facing camera, even better CPU, flagship phone (will get the best feature-set), spacious keyboard
    Con's- more expensive, larger and bulkier
    It seems the Pre3 also has a non-removable battery:

    EDIT: False information. Should be removable. Sorry for misinformation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    For me, it's all about screen size because my eyes just aren't what they used to be.

    If you are using your phone to browse the web more than a PC, get the Pre3. If you don't use your phone as your primary browser, get the Veer. IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadlion42 View Post
    How about a Franken-Pixi? A Pixi Plus with the internals of the Veer hacked in ;-)
    Actually, the reason they left off the standard connector, the flash, you could just drop the whole VEER inside the Pixi shell! And then the Pixi will even fit inside the Pre3...and so on, and so's the Kachina Doll system of mobile phones, hows that for integration?!

    Note: Ya'll know that I'm just kidding...even though it almost sounded feasible...for a millisecond. This really isn't possible...don't start name will become Mudd.
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    Pre 3 if it's true that it will be a global phone!
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