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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    No. Watch this for an example: [url= - RedLaser iPhone App Review -[/url]
    the app takes an image and proceeses it
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    the app takes an image and proceeses it
    If it's taking a picture then how is it able to recognize the barcode without ever hitting the shutter button?

    Because it's not ...

    The app/camera automatically recognizes the barcode, encodes that to a UPC code then sends off the UPC code to the servers to retrieve the information. The photo of the barcode is never sent anywhere, only the UPC code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtonk View Post
    QR codes are NOT the same as the barcodes found on product packaging at the store. If the OP meant "barcode", we don't have anything that can do this for webOS. If the OP meant "QR code", then yes, QR Decoder does a decent job.
    This. ^^

    THERE IS NOT YET A BARCODE\UPC CODE READER ON WEBOS!!! The API's are now available in webOS2.0 but not yet compiled into a code reader app. As has been stated and shown in the "Red Laser" video, AF camera has nothing to do with reading codes...
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    I think people and the OP want to know if it can scan a upc barcode just like this.

    Like can you walk into a target with there Veer and scan and get spit back all the stores in their area and prices for something.

    Honestly i don't think i've ever seen products with those QR codes. Most have these kinds.
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