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    Please continue to post whatever upbeat articles you find.

    Maybe the guy is overly optimistic in a pessimistic dominated OS, but it's still nice to see others out there who are excited about upcoming webOS.

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    Keep the articles coming Jay, I for one always appreciate your posts.
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    I enjoyed this & other articles you post. Better to have information & opinions than not have them. The guys complaining here, complain in most every thread. They have that right, just as you do to post something positive.

    I am looking forward to the debut of the Veer & Pre 3 & I do think webOS is the best operating system. Do we have some bugs, sure, but I just had a coworker w/an iPhone whose phone & screen locked up in a zoomed in mode rendering it useless. I contacted 4 friends w/iPhones who each had a different method of solving this problem. 1 of the 4--the last one we tried-- fortunately, worked. Point is, all systems have some glitches.

    Once in a while the positive gets drowned out on this forum, but we have just as much right to express our opinions. Keep doing it!
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