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    As the press spokesman of o2 Germany says on Twitter:

    Nächstes Smartphone mit webOS: HP Veer voraussichtlich ab Mai bei Telefónica o2 Germany.
    "Next Smartphone with webOS: HP Veer expected for may at Telefónica o2 Germany."

    No words on pricing:

    Preis des #HP #Veer (Nachfolger des #Palm #Pixi) geben wir rechtzeitig bekannt. Heute freuen wir uns über die Ankündigung.
    "We will announce the pricing timely. Today, we're pleased about the announcement."
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    O2 rocks Been with them for several years now and imho they have best contracts and the best phones
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    Danke schön! At least we know that we'll begin hearing more details soon here in the states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkev View Post
    Thanks, OP! I'm a little concerned we may get a Pre 2 situation with foreign rollouts before American ones, but this is better than no news. Now, let's get the release months for the other new devices!
    Well, as long as you're on GSM and don't mind QWERTZ then it would be no problem to import a Veer from O2 Germany. Pretty sure they will offer O2 Myhandy (without contract) and O2 never locks their phones
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    OK, something to look forward to.
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    as of today the pixi vanished from shop.

    as they plan to sell the veer as a successor to the pixi, that probably means that the veer will pop up there really soon

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