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    based on youtube videos, the veer appears to be quite fast. do you think the veer's overall performance will be faster than the pre2? which of the two has greater potential for substantial overclocking?
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    Palm Pre2 = OMAP3630 - 1GHz ARMv7 with PowerVR SGX530.
    HP Veer = MSM7230 - 800MHz ARMv7 with Adreno 205.

    The Adreno 205 is a better GPU than the SGX530 by a wide margin. My money would be on the Veer. In regard to overclocking, I'd also be inclined to pick the Veer based on Android overclocks that have been achieved on the Veer's SoC already.
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    Especially If some of the windowing operations have been accelerated by the GPU.

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