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    Some positives in there (keyboard, speed), some negatives (Cramped screen, battery)

    Having said that, for anyone fed up of their smartphone wearing holes in their trouser pockets, we can see this being an attractive alternative. With seemingly every other manufacturer going bigger and bigger with their smartphones, it’s nice to see one manufacturer lavishing attention in the other direction.

    HP Veer review: first look | PC Pro blog
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    Holy frap. Suddenly, I want a Veer. An Hp Veer.

    Something about using your pinky to flick and swipe at webOS cards.

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    Give me skype on the veer and a pixi keyboard and I'm sold.
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    this device (the one in the stills and in the video) has an AZERTY keyboard (O.O)
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    Holes in our pockets? That's what pouch cases are for
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    It is ironic how just a couple of years ago we used to make fun of those old cellphones that were huge, yet today people want 5 in. screens. I can see the Veer carving a niche market for people looking to avoid those giant screens.
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    i ve always been avoiding bricks in my pocket thats why i got myself a pre.

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