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    Here in Norway the 4g network is providing 4g users with 30 MBit/s and less than 40 ms ping(speedtest). Turbo 3g provides nearly 4Mbit/s and the ping is ca 100 ms. The 40 ms vs the 100 ms ping makes all the difference, is it to much to ask qualcomm to integrate 4g on to their NEWEST chipset? Or is it HP's fault they only have hspa+ ? Turbo 3g is so 2009. Get with the times.

    EDIT: Posted this in the Veer category because i am planning to tether my future veer phone to my future Touchpad
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    "Unfortunately" in Norway 4g=4g, and not 3.5g. Cause the Veer supports 35.g

    Looks like you may have to wait for the Veer2
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    Veer is not out yet and looking forward to Veer 2 already. C'mon HPalm.
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    HSPA+ is about as fast as you can currently get on GSM-only carriers in the United States.

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