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    When the Veer's keyboard is extended, the device looks just like a Pixi. Is this what all the R&D went into, really?

    For the product portfolio, couldn't HP have easily made the watch/pedometer like Veer with a virtual keyboard instead? This modified Veer would be perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking or working out.

    Let's not forget the the Pixi (maybe with a better name). Update the candybar form factor with a front-facing camera, slightly larger screen (10% bigger?) and a slightly faster processor.

    So, yeah, 4 devices instead of 3! Could it be that hard?

    Updated marketing campaign: "Think Big, Think Wrist, Think Beyond."

    I could put up with the Summer release date if they kept the Pixi and modified the Veer to fit on a wrist. Have your same Palm profile on multiple devices, for people really on the go!

    Very disappointed.
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    My guess is they'll announce the Pixi 2 (probably with another name, a "new" line of phones) along the slab form factor, and possibly, with the 7" tablet.

    If they announced all this stuff in just one day, it'd be way too much, IMO.
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    once you actually can hold and type on the veer, you will be impressed. I heard only good things from people that were playing with them. Most (including me) expected they wouldn't like it and were surprised. If you like the current pixi screen and keyboard, you are really going to like the veer. I need a bgger screen (or lasik) but that thing was surprisingly good. Solid, great keyboard, etc.
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    Price of the device and the plan will dictate for me whether I go with Veer or Pre3, but with the right price, I'd jump on the Veer. If I expected to buy a tablet in the next year, I'd go with the Pre3, but w/o that on my timetable right now, the Veer is enough. It would do the key things I want from webOS.

    Interesting article from Bloomberg today:
    Apple Is Said to Work on Cheaper, Smaller IPhones - Bloomberg

    Edited: finally got internal link working.
    My frustration w/HP best characterized by Col George Taylor.

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