The HP Veer should be marketed as a companion device for the HP TouchPad, not just a standalone device.

Get a video call on your HP Veer even without of the front facing camera, take it on your HP TouchPad.
Viewing websites, multimedia, etc., "share it" to your HP TouchPad.

All signs are pointing that Apple's next iPhone and iPad will have a similar feature. That'll put Apple a step ahead because 28% of the market already has an iPhone and with Bluetooth and this process can easily be emulated for the iDevices. Day 1, there will be 24% more consumers that can also do this same feature. To counter Apple's built in market share...

For the first month the HP TouchPad hits the market, HP needs to GIVE AWAY a HP Veer with every HP TouchPad similar to how the Touchstone was first marketed with the Palm Pre Plus' release on AT&T. Taking an early hit will help HP in the long run if they are going aren't just investing in webOS for the short term.