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    the Veer has better specs then the original pre !! i doubt it would be cheaper lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midway99 View Post
    doubt it. $199 to start is my bet and on contract. Pre3 will be $299 at least. HP doesn't see this stuff as cheap or starter type equipment.

    While these new devices will play in the consumer space, HP will push hard in the business space
    HP is definitely serious about pushing this stuff on enterprise customers, but from what I took from Ruby's announcement speech, they're also serious about the Veer being laser-focused on the consumer.

    My bet is $99 on contract. And probably after MIR, if it's bought from AT&T directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midway99 View Post
    While these new devices will play in the consumer space, HP will push hard in the business space
    Apple is pushing into the business space from the consumer side. i.e., consumers buy their products, and then demand that their company's IT infrastructure support connectivity for their iPhones and iPads. (Particularly in healthcare.) Apple's strategy turns the traditional HP/IBM/RIM model on its head. HP would be wise to adapt. Pricing these phones as if the buyer will be a corporate purchasing manager will be a huge mistake.
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    Here is a good video to show the speed of the small device that it is.

    really if that's how webOS 2.x+ work then we're in for a nice surprise. it's smooth as hell

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    to add another video, this one is more for showing all the features we've come to love.

    this guy really explains it quite well

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    Man, if the original pre performed this well, perhaps Palm would still be independent.

    this phone has WIN written all over it, as long as the keyboard is usable, and the battery holds up.

    for some reason I want it more than the Pre3 (maybe because it's closer to release). And I was very critical of the pixi's screen size!
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    Bring the Veer already.
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    Very nice videos of the Veer!
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    Was that a charge/3.5" that could accept either? or are we looking at a mini dongle type of situation (kind of a real deal breaker for me)...
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    can't get over how darn small that thing is. not my cup of tea but good luck to em.
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