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    As reading the specs, liveblog, and other updates that come up, I am sure i am not alone with the dissapoints of these new products, (dont get me wrong they made a major improvment but this is like going to - to + ++ then +++, minor upgrades) time to replace my TealOS centro!!! palm >ios/aos) But one feature that i was truly dissapointed was that the veer does not have a front facing camera. or even its back camera is an extended depth field 5 mp. half of my fam are palm users, was plannin on upgrading moms treo to a FFC, palm of course when they were released, same with dad, and sisters would probly take the +++. But only the pre3 and touch have ffc, having the 'lil sister' phone would have been nice for transition to fisrt time webOSers (even if our legacy palms are running tealOS).

    Anyone have an idea or insight why no FFC? Maybe waiting for march announcement for possible sprint project?
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    A front-facing camera is still very much a niche feature. At this stage of the game, it's really only included on high-end phones, which the Veer is not.

    And considering the low adoption rate of video calling (with the possible exception of Apple FaceTime), I can't say I blame HP for not putting a front-facing cam on the Veer.

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