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    I installed Android (Kit Kat, 4.4.4) dual boot on my touchpad.

    The problem was it was slow and laggy, it's took forever to download apps and load webpages.

    So I decided to reinstall webOS back on my tablet, I was following the link below.

    I ran novacom command, the command prompt just sat there not doing anything.

    Now the tablet is stuck with the HP logo, I can't restart it. I'm really hoping I haven't bricked it permanently. I'm planning on letting the battery go dead
    and then I might start again.

    I really hope I haven't bricked it, can anyone offer some advice.

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    Its pretty unlikely that you bricked it -- they're pretty resilient.
    Someone put together a Linux LiveCD that can rescue a TouchPad in almost any state, but before you try that, hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for at least 60 seconds or until it reboots. Then let go of the power button and continue to press volume up. See if you can get it into USB mode.
    Failing that, check out this:
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    webOS Doctor 3.0.0 can also repartition if you have the USB symbol. Just like TpToolbox

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    where to get the webos doctor now? the old links are not working any longer, it seems
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    I can upload a doctor and share it from my Google drive if you cannot find anything today. I'll check back tonight and see if you had no luck.
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