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    What are your favorite TouchPad games? Here's my list...

    - SCUMMVM (many games, one runtime)
    - Grave Defense HD (tower defense style)
    - LorT: Defense (tower defense style, great music and graphics)
    - Worms

    What am I missing out on?
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    Well, SCUMMVM will always be high on my list as I love the classic Sierra and Lucasarts/Lucasfilm games Adventure games.

    A few games that I'd like to mention are:
    * Beyond Ynth
    * Everlands HD
    * Joining Hands
    * Galcon
    * Astraware Word Games
    * Radient Defense (but only if you've got the in-app purchases; which fortunately could be backed up)
    * Smiles HD

    I have several others that I really like. But these are the ones I come back to most.
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    Got download links for any of these? Beyond Ynth, in particular, doesn't seem to exist in any of the archives I've found...
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    Update: I found most of them, but this is the last straw. I'm restoring the App Catalog.
    Between the App Museum, the FTP archive and the Way back Machine, I think I can bring 75% back... I wrote a catalog cruncher, I should be able to publish a list of extant and missing apps shortly.

    If anyone has the Radiant Defense bits, let me know!
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