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    Hello all! Hope all is well by you.

    Based on what I've seen (here and on XDA Devs), the latest available kernel for the Touchpad is version 3.4.x - an older, unmaintained LTS branch, forked from Qualcomm's repos.
    It seems that the mainline kernel source has code for the MSM8660 platform (what the Touchpad is based on) which leads me to wonder if it's possible to get a mainline kernel running on the device.
    If my optimism serves me right, this could open the doors to running more (recent) distributions on the device!

    So far my attempts at booting my compilations have yielded nothing more than a hang at the HP splash logo. I've tried different GCC versions from Linaro (targeting arm-eabi) to no avail.
    I've tried making monolithic uImages (modules disabled) including the MSM DRM video driver and Simple FrameBuffer. I've also tried some later-than-3.4 MSM sources from CodeAurora with MSM FB enabled.
    I'm unsure if I'd need to tweak any DTBs or bundle any firmwares, though the 3.4 kernels don't seem to make use of those.

    Of course a splash logo isn't too verbose... might anyone know if there's a serial console I can access over USB or some hidden port internally? Has anyone else made a similar attempt with any progress?

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    We've actually stumbled onto that mainline work as well (seems lots got included in 4.9+ kernels) and it's on our (LuneOS/WebOS Ports team) to-do list to look into for the future since 3.4 kernels are really on their last legs in terms of keeping working with systemd etc.

    Feel free to reach out to us on IRC #webos-ports on Freenode maybe we can look into things together.

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    I found this information and just sharing, but it maybe from the same person as the time of posting is similar:

    It will be great to run native Linux on the HP_TP..!
    Good luck !

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