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    I just dusted off my parent's TouchPad.
    It already has Preware version 1.9.14 installed, but that doesn't seem to be working.

    How do I go about getting this thing up and running again?

    Try to keep it simple if possible. Any help is appreciated.
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    The links in this post will certainly help:


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    You might need to search on this site for the latest Preware repository URLs to get it working, and get access to the latest homebrew bits.

    My TouchPad is working happily with:
    Index of /feeds/optware/all/
    Index of /feeds/optware/armv7/
    pivotCE Preware Feed
    Index of /feeds/precentral/
    Index of /feeds/webos-internals/all/
    Index of /feeds/webos-internals/armv7/
    Index of /feeds/webos-patches/3.0.5/
    Index of /feeds/woce/

    But I see in my HOSTS file that I've got and pointed to

    You can manually install packages by running WebOS Quick Install on a PC or Mac (Java required):

    And you can find much of the original App Store apps on the FTP server:
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