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    hello, please let me know if original HP webOS 3.0.4 / 3.0.5 stock system and user apps ipks or available somewhere for download? Or can somebody please post the ipks here? Analogous to re-installing the OS and apps. As of now, when launching stock Photos&Videos, Music or Camera, these apps just keep glowing, do not work and err messages in /var/log/messages. Also, power-button menu has disappeared and bluetooth toggle is not working. Please help, thank you.

    hpt user.crit LunaSysMgr: {LunaSysMgrJS}: Uncaught ReferenceError: PhotoAppLauncher is not defined, file:///usr/palm/applications/

    even though PhotoAppLauncher is defined in /usr/palm/applications/
    {ls-hubd.private}: ERROR: No role file for executable: "/usr/bin/media-pipeline" (cmdline: "/usr/bin/media-pipeline MediaPlayer <unknown> --videoplane --gst-debug=1 --spawn --no-leak-hack")

    This error even though /usr/share/ls2/roles/prv/com.palm.mediad.pipeline.json exists and seems fine.
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    OK, Thanks for all the information. I have a sub question, how to get the HP app catalog going again on a HP Touchpad that was initialized by using the Activation bypass?

    Even after updating the hosts file, the HP App Catalog is stuck at "Choose your shopping country"

    AND thanks in advance.
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    That went 5 years ago!
    There's Preware and other options. You can get most of the old apps if you know where to look.
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    Thank you, @Preemptive. Restored to HP webOS 3.0.5.

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