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    Is PmNetConfigManager dependent on dnsmasq in HP webOS 3.0.4 ? Upon uninstalling dnsmasq, /var/log/messages has "hpt user.crit PmNetConfigManager: {netcfg.mgr}: startARequestCycle: dnsmasq never came up".

    Also, even though device has internet access, /var/log/messages has "hpt user.crit PmNetConfigManager: {netcfg.mgr}: Sending Subscription Reply HBus(0x159ce8): {"isInternetConnectionAvailable":false,"wifi":state":"connected","ipAddress":"x.x.x.x","interfaceNam e":"eth0","ssid":"xxxx","bssid":"xxxxxxxx","networkConfidenceLevel":"excellent","onInternet":"no","i sWakeOnWifiEnabled":false},"wan":{"state":"disconnected"},"vpn":{"state":"disconnected"},"bridge":{" state":"disconnected"}}" and sometimes the pre-installed web-browser says "no internet connection" and does not load webpages.

    Please can somebody help resolve this and let me know what are the command-line commands to configure/play with PmNetConfigManager. Thanks.
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    I don't know the answer to your question or how closely you've been tracking webOS over the years, but you are asking about networking components. Stock webOS is extremely out of date here and you are recommended to install Squid SSL Bump to update the transport layer security. This is a work around rather than pure fix (also being worked on). Links below that may interest you are the service pack and the User Group.
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    Thanks. No more such error message after re-installing dnsmasq from a backup. Looks like somewhere around PmNetConfigManager there's a hard-dependency on dnsmasq.
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