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    After many attempts to get LuneOS installed I have gotten it to boot finally. It seems after a short period of time the screen dims. After the same amount of time, it dims more, to the point where the screen is black. The only way to get the screen back is to lock it and unlock it. Is this something I can adjust somewhere?
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    What is the hardware you are using? TouchPad is the sub-forum...

    Many issues can often be resolved with a reboot and that's all I can suggest, but obviously this is alpha software.

    I expect the developers will see this post, but you should post a report on the release thread or speak directly to the team on IRC.
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    Finally I decided to install LuneOS on my TouchPad.
    Together with the internet connection problem (I've just posted the question in the other thread) I have this same problem: the screen blanks even if I'm interacting with the device.
    The LuneOS version is the EggnogLatte (build 96).
    Thank you very much for your attention !
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    That normal for Luneos. Been that way since the beginning. It seems like the screen timer doesn't get reset at every touch.
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    Wow, it means that the device is in fact unusable (!).
    Thank you Grabber5.0

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