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    how to play runescape on HP touchpad?
    I got a HP touchpad and was wondering how to play runescape on it?10pts
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    I searched for Runescape and found this app:

    But it seems that is just for game statistics.

    It seems that Runescape (a MMORPG) has been around since before the TouchPad and can be (was?) played in the browser, but now there are apps for it. Maybe there was an app?

    As this is your first post, I'll assume you recently got this tablet and don't know what it is. This tablet was released in 2011 (tech-wise, it's old), but Runescape appears to be old too. The TouchPad (TP) was released with an operating system called webOS (see the name of this website). webOS was cancelled in 2012 and is now only found on LG TVs.

    Due to the age of the device and operating system, it needs a lot of work to update it to modern standards, but the TP was a pretty good device and it is possible - but you need to be technically minded, patient and able to follow instructions. If you are, it might be possible to play via the browser and if there was ever a webOS Runescape app, that might even work too.

    If the above doesn't apply, there is another option. You still have to be a bit technical, but it is possible to install Android (and a fairly recent version), which makes it far more likely you can play the game if that is your sole quest.

    It might even be the case that your tablet already has Android on it (lots of people did that). If that is true, I don't know what stops you from playing unless it's a very old version of Android.

    So, why not check device information or settings and tell us what operating system is on the tablet and what version. Give us details.

    I had another look. You can run Linux on a TP and there is a Linux client, but I would not bet on that working. There is an Android app, so it seems Android is your best bet. Is the TP running Android?

    I hope I won the 10pts with my answer.
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    It's possible to dual boot (pick webOS or Android at start up). Again, you need to be a little bit technical. If you're not interested in webOS or if it's already wiped in favour of Android, then forget about it.

    Playstore says the app requires Android 6. You can do that: Android 6.0 comes to the HP TouchPad (unofficially) - Liliputing

    Or 7: Now you can run Android 7.0 on the HP TouchPad - Liliputing

    How about Android 9? HP TouchPad refuses to die, receives Android 9 Pie custom ROMs - Liliputing

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