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    Hi Everyone,

    Oh my gosh, long time no see. Well I had to clean out my room and wa'la my baby Touchpad was under the bed, I got her charged up ( after 2 days ) and online and date updated. I also went ahead and did the and downloaded ALL of them and then got the WebOS Quick Install v4.7.2u running. Also, I have Govnah from back in the day omg OnDemandTcl 1728, is that still the best?

    I am not able to get Preware to fully load, it comes up with Unable to run command: usr/bin/curl.....webos clock the mere, the requested returned a 404.. Then if i say ok to that and try anything else it comes up again with another error of Error installing, see IPKG Log, and then shows Unable to run command user agent preware location fail. Any ideas?

    I tried to do the QT web browser and couldn't figure it out?

    If someone could please give me a run around / update to everything I should do, it would be greatly appreciated, I would love to restart my passion for WebOS, I seriously forgot how much I missed it already.


    P.S. I remembered I made this thread!
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    Try the links below - especially the service pack. For the Qt browser, it's probably best to ask on that thread... Qupzilla browser might be better for the tablet.
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    Thanks! I did all I could do on the guide. I couldn't do step 6, kept failing in Quick Install with an error. Any other links to it or versions? Then step 7 couldn't find GNU patch or Lsdiff, any other links to those? And last but not least, couldn't find Preware on the app list on Quick install, any other place to get it? Once I can get all that if possible, then I guess I will hit up page 2! Thanks~
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    The clock thing is normal. I get it. I guess the feed is broken. I can't remember if the feed can be disabled or what is going on there. So it seems that you are running Preware, but here is a link anyway:

    It appears lsdiff is available.

    I'm curious: Not much has changed apart from internet security protocols. Was this stuff not already set up on your tablet? It doesn't seem like you reset it. Maybe you don't need to repeat this process?

    Anyway, happy holidays. I'm not at home or near any webOS devices right now, so i hope the above helps. The User Group will have an online meeting on the 29th if you are interested..
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    Thanks! I went ahead and reinstalled it and it happened again so I guess it is the clock thing!

    Thanks! I was only looking on Quick Install for them! I have those two installed now.

    It was, I just did not know if there were newer versions or anything as it was so long ago since I turned it on I realized after I found it.

    I will try to make that meeting! I am interested, thanks for the info!

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