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    Tried to run astraware apps after long time and can get none to work. 32gb 4g touchpad. Any ideas on why thse would quit loading?
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    Do you have a list of titles? Is it only astraware apps? Have you tried a reboot?
    If so, it seems unlikely that there's an OS problem specific to those apps. More likely that unless there's some kind of "expiry date", the apps are phoning home and not getting an answer. This though would be bad design unless remote communication was needed - like for multiplayer or whatever. Even then, where's the error message?
    Do you still sell and support games for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Symbian? - Astraware It seems they are still around, but perhaps some backend server thing has been switched off for webOS?
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    I have Astraware Sudoku and Mahjong games on my TouchPad. I just started them both up, and they still work just fine.

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    I have rebooted, I have removed and reinstalled with no good results. I have today went in to get list of those installed and they are now working. Well no problem today.

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