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    I've searched this topic and can't find a clean answer. I'm thinking of selling my TouchPad and i do have some games like Big Boss I paid for when everything was up and running. It would be nice to keep those and other apps for the next user, but I don't want my personal info on the device.
    I have already deleted all "regular" accounts. Device Information shows my HP WEBOS ACCOUNT is my current email address. I saw in impostah this is stored inside "alias". I tried changing it in Palm Profile Overrides, but that does not seem to make a permanent change.
    thanks for any help,
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    I take it that at the time the app catalog shutdown you did not use the nodeleteIPK patch to re-download your apps while retaining the original package. I did this and copied off the IPKs to separate storage. I could reset the TP, then side load the apps back on. There was also Pattyland's HP takeout that read the list of installed apps and downloaded the lot directly from the catalog. Any chance you have back ups? If you look at the backup link below, you may find a way to back up the apps from you device, but this may include user data.

    There may be ways to scrub user data from your profile (aside from manual deletion if there's a lot), but I'm guessing you're saying that even an empty profile remains and your email maybe part of that. Utimately, you want to delete the profile (i.e. reset) while retaining the apps. I doubt there's an easy way to do this.

    There is a large collection of apps that can be accessed. Not all of them have been made available with the author's permission. As there's little chance of these apps generating any significant income for the authors, you might take a view about whether this is abandonware. Personally, I'd be comfortable obtaining backups of apps I'd already paid for or which were originally free of charge anyway.

    So you might simply reset, then reinstall your original apps. Any new user should know what they are buying and will either be a webOS enthusiast or plan to install another OS. Remember you will need to bypass activation if you reset
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I don't really remember what I did back then. Seems like I would have done the right thing. ;-) I did find my old WebOS directory on my PC backup drive and there are some kind of backup files. Had to chuckle on how much stuff I downloaded(pix inc.). This TP has some cracks on it, is already is dual booted with Evervolve 7.1.1 and all this searching has gotten me interested in it again, so I'll just keep it! I also have my Wife's barely used perfect one that would make a better sell candidate anyway.
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