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    After a few years in storage, I charged my touchpad and did a erase and reset and now it will not power on. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,
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    I was able to get to the point to connect to my wifi and now it states " Server Error" please visit to help resolve this issue. I heard something about LuneOS, how do I get that on my touchpad? Obviously webos is no longer supported.
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    Hi Diane,
    If you Google for 'Touchpad bypass activation' you'll find lots of articles and videos on how to get past the point where you're stuck.

    There's also lots of good stuff here and elsewhere with titles like 'coming back to webOS in 2017' for the next steps, once you get your tablet activated.
    There's plenty you can still do on a TouchPad - don't be discouraged!
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    Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE

    EDIT: Yes, as above, it's still possible to use webOS, but these days it requires some patience and research to go through, find and apply the various fixes. This community is hoping to reach a point where updating is a smoother process.
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    And to add:
    It is possible to install LuneOS on a TouchPad. It is possible to dual or even triple boot a TP (if you don't need much storage). For LuneOS you will be agreeing to test software that is still in development. So if it's webOS you want, you might opt for the stable, but old version and/or the cutting edge, but possibly unstable, new.

    If you want something close to a modern consumer experience, Android is possible, though you will need to use something like Lineage (formerly cyanogenmod). Other options I'm aware of are Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish and Arch Linux, but I don't know what versions will work on the TP. As it's a 'flexible' device, it's still fairly popular with hackers, so it's possible that fairly up to date versions are running on it.

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