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    Night Moves - Minor Release 1.0.4
    • Refactored for stage-less launch on Pre, allowing almost completely silent setting application.

    As always, the latest is on GitHub:
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    Night Moves Release 1.0.5

    This release adds a daily Bluetooth toggle feature, useful in conjunction with My Watch.

    Download on GitHub, or eventually on Preware:
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    Minor Release 1.0.6

    Adds strategies for handling "problem apps" -- that is, apps that are known to keep the screen on. This is annoying and drains the battery: if the problem app has focus and the screen is off, when Night Moves launches to apply settings, the problem app ends up back in focus and keeps the screen stuck on. The default strategy is to steal focus from such an app, but there's an "Advanced" option for a more aggressive strategy to kill the app entirely.
    You'll need to re-establish your settings after upgrading, since I also fixed a bug where boolean settings were being saved as string.

    Known problem apps, so far: Kindle, ScummVM

    Please do let me know if you find another app that doesn't let the screen go back to sleep. Adding new ones is a single line of code.
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