I've owned my Touchpad since i bought it at the Going-out-of-Touchpad-business sale at Walmart many years ago. It's done remarkable service since then and I love it. I last used it about three weeks ago and put it away in a drawer.

When I took it out today, it looked like water had seeped into the screen protector I had placed on it. So I removed the protector, expecting to wipe away the water. But, the "water" remains - it's behind the screen of the Touchpad.

Now, I know that no water has come near the Touchpad in the weeks it was put away inside the drawer in my bedroom. Nothing is wet inside the drawer. But, this looks like some liquid (or gas?) has become trapped behind the Touchpad's own screen panel.

Is this something that happens with age? Is there anything I can do to clean up the screen? I'll include a link below to a picture that shows what it looks like - please ignore the dark area near the right edge of the Touchpad. That is a reflection. It's the two dark areas in the middle of the screen that I'm wondering about.