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    I've got a Touchpad that has been running for a good long time. So long that it is still showing my actual Palm account and not the workaround. I did the expanding /var on it a while back, and /var reports 75% use now, so I don't think that is the current issue.

    The issue is that after running for a short period of time, something seems to be choking the system and preventing things from happening that need to happen. For example, the two things that I noticed that got me thinking about this issue: 1) email- right after a reboot, the email app works just fine. After a while running, opening the email app renders the frames and shows the accounts, but won't open any of them or display content. 2) Kindle- similarly, right after a reboot the Kindle app opens and displays everything just fine... but after a while running, it hangs on the opening guy-reading-under-tree splash screen and goes no further. I also notice this in apps like the solitaire app where sometimes it is able to retrieve the running scores in the various types of games, and other times it just can't.

    Is there some database in there that might be hitting a maximum size issue? Some buffer getting full? Any other ideas what it might be? I'd prefer not to wipe and doctor if not absolutely necessary...
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    It sounds very much like what one of mine does. There's a db8 compaction activity that runs every few days, and it is failing - I think it is possibly a corruption issue, though there are no other symptoms. After that happens, no activity that requires db access will work - which is pretty much everything. After a reboot it will be fine for a few more days. Here's a link to a thread where this problem is discussed. I think the link will take you to my post. I think I posted the error message to look for in /var/log/messages

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    Could this be a problem of lack of memory? Does the OS preserve enough working memory to perform the DB compacting? Could it be that a TP stuffed full of apps and files and maybe some 'cruft' (of the type that fills the /var file) is leaving very little memory to compact a db that is probably also very full after all these years?

    That a reboot is required suggest that processes build up after a small amount of uptime and are either failing or running very slowly. These things will be 'reset' by a reboot, but will then begin again.

    Bear in mind that the recent history of smart phones is of devices that are operating in a zone of max performance from limited HW and battery life. The standard contract period fosters a 2 year upgrade cycle. Palm could assume that they'd be selling a new device every couple of years and longer term users might get updates that would improve these kinds of problems or at least perform a 'system clean up' as part of the process. That seems to be the context of the /var problem - it only gets clogged up after intensive or long term use. Palm would have assumed that they'd be there to push updates or that we'd all be using Pre7s by now...

    Apart from the hassle, what's the problem with a refresh by doctoring? It could be a chance to back up all those texts, archive the apps that aren't used and such.
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    I'm certain it's not ram. The error message indicates possible corruption in the database. It only runs every few days, so it only happens at those times. Actually now that I'm writing that, I think it normally happens every 24-48 hrs and I increased it to give more time between occurrences. I suppose I should set up a nightly reboot to put it off indefinitely. I just don't want to doctor it. It's never been doctored.
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    That thread looks exactly like what I've been experiencing... I guess a trip to the doctor is in order... It's been a solid performer since it got the doc after the ACL experiment didn't work out so well, so I can't begrudge it a refresh. I just doctored a different TP to get the Android stuff off of it, and reconstructing was pretty painless.

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