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    Quick questions as I've recently read through everything on here - Been missing WebOS so I booted up my Touchpad after a 3-4 year absence.

    1) What patches etc do I need to get the browser usable ??
    2) I have updated Preware but it seems to have some errors updating some fee eg: pivotce - any help on that front would be great.
    3) Any patches etc that we need on the touchpad ?


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    1)Look for qupzilla here on the forum, for the browser. Load and use that one, ignore the stock ...
    2)Preware... 4.6 ?
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    Thanks for the reply !

    1) I found the post on qupzilla and installed it through webOs quick install but Unfortunately it doesnt load at all..... Any ideas would be helpful
    2) Preware 4.6, yes. The problem is that it wont load the pivotCE feed, if I turn that feed off then it loads 85% of the time.
    3) I have no idea how I missed this thread - Thank you so much !
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    qupzilla requires dbus from the alpha feeds, did you install that one before installing qupzilla ?
    and... pivotce feed loads normally here. strange
    pivotCE Preware Feed , can you open this normally ?

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