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    Does anyone know what has happend? On my HP touchpad my tablet seemed to have run out of battery so I plugged it in. A day later it seems to be not accepting any charge at all. Screen/button off and the power brick stays cold. If any one knows a fix please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    There are many threads on this, so search the forum. The standard advice (and likely solution) is that the battery charge has fallen below a value where the charging circuit will work properly. If you plug it into a normal, 5V / 1A phone charger or the USB socket of a PC/Laptop and leave it, you will hopefully see the notification light flashing after a while (days, possibly up to week, depending on how long the tablet has been left without charge).

    When you see the light, you know the tablet is 'alive' and can switch to the correct HP charger (which delivers a higher charge level, sufficient to properly charge the battery). If you don't see the flashing light, there may yet be hope.

    Many have left old TPs in drawers and forgotten about them, pulling them out years later. In general, I think the advice is to store lithium ion batteries at 50% charge (& the device fully shut down of course) and top them up every few months. This avoids the 'stress' of a full charge and the danger of a flat battery never waking up again. Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries – Battery University

    I remember my old netbook had a battery save mode that shut the machine down at 20% charge and prevented charging beyond 80%. I'm a little surprised by how long our old devices have lasted. I wonder if there is value in a charging app that would also preserve what life is left..?
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    I think there would be value in such app, preemptive. The main issue is the A6 chip, I think... we cannot even recalibrate our batteries ( while it's possible with any device older than the pre3/veer/touchpad/go ).
    About the 80% you mentioned, I was reading a bit the Eco mode of panasonic toughbooks, and Eco limits the charge to 80% to limit the battery wear especially in the scenario of the laptop being used mainly with the charger.

    In any case I suspect we may soon require a batch of batteries for Touchpad/Go/Veer (we know already where to look for pre3 batteries :P)
    Manufacturer Rating : 3853mAh
    Calculated Left : 3391mAh
    Would say that it's a really good performance for a battery (from 2011) installed in a device that has never been turned off since 2012 (Go)
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