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    I recently switched one of my three HP touchpads back to WebOS but now with the app store gone for years it's a bit bare. Does anyone know if there's like a archives of IPK'S? if so please let me know.
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    Right when I was about to load the IPKS onto my HP Touchpad it seemed to have run out of battery, however it doesn't seem to accept any charge. The charging brick does not heatup and the tablet does not turn on. Anyone have a idea what has happend and if theres a fix?
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    Uh weird, nobody answered ...

    use a 1A charger from a phone, cross your fingers, and wait ( quite a lot of time ) to see if the button blinks or the screen shows the battery symbol
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Uh weird, nobody answered ...
    We both did. ;-)
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    hops :P

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