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    Hello everyone

    As of Feb. 5, 2018 my Touchpad can no longer connect to Gmail or my Google account. I originally did have a good Gmail account and I could view my Gmail everyday until Feb. 5, 2018. That's when I saw the yellow triangle that told me to check my login. It said my user name and password were wrong. But I know they are correct. I have not changed anything, and it has always worked until Feb.5th. I can log in on all
    my other devices with no trouble. I decided to remove my Gmail account and Google account from my Touchpad, and then add new accounts. But when I did this, Google responds by saying "bad user name and password". But I know these are correct. So now, I can't even open up a new Gail account or Google account on my Touchpad. I can still access Google and my Gmail from my PC. Help me please with this one...I don't know what to do. Thanks to all who can help.
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    You need the Google oauth patch and the openssl update for Gmail. I don't have the thread links handy, but they are on here.

    This guide has everything you need and then some:
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    Thanks for your help. I am not very tech savvy so I will try to follow your advice. I might have to trash my Touchpad if I cannot get it to work on Gmail. It WILL connect to Gmail using the web browser and I can also
    connect to many other websites. I also use the Certgrabber software that you created, and that still seems so work. Prior to Feb. 5, 2018, I could receive my Gmail and connect to my Google account. So it seems
    that Google has changed something.
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    Oh, so you're already using cert grabber.. That could mean something else is up. It's mostly needed for 2.1 where the SSL update breaks things. I'll have to test on something here. Pretty sure I kept one TP with cert grabber and no SSL update, just for testing purposes.
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    I got lucky and the first TP I picked up was the right one, and it's still syncing email just fine. If you only use email, you don't need the patch I mentioned, but you will have to set your account up as generic IMAP instead of a Google account.
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    OK and my Touchpad is working with Gmail once again. The only thing I did was to go on my Google account page and allowed my account to work with "LESS SECURES APPS." And that did it.
    Apparently, Google views the Touchpad running WebOS as a less secure app. Is that crazy or what?

    I should also add that I have the following installed on my Touchpad: Certificate Gabber, Govnah, Internalz Pro, Preware, UberKernal(Touchpad).

    So Matt, I say thank you very much for your support and help. I do not have the technical knowledge that you have.
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    I forgot about that setting. I have never had to change that for my account, but I did for my daughter's. Glad you got it working!
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    One of the great things about the Touchpad is that the email account (gmail account for me), can be set up to sound a "ringtone alert" coming from the built in speakers whenever an incoming message arrives.
    I can hear when a new message arrives even in the next room...I find this to be very convenient.

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