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    In the last few months, two changes to web sites that I hit daily have made changes that prevent me from watching. One is USA Today changing there crossword and other games from flash. Now when I try to load crossword, it acts as if it is going to load, and one time out of ten, it sometimes does, Most of the time it gets part way through loading, and then it fades out the crossword and leaves me with a circling series of balls, and goes no further. When it sometimes does load, it gives buggy results. Like it will not bring up keyboard on some squares, or slows way down, or finally appears to lock up. Note the only times I have got it to load, is to have turned pad to landscape direction. Just like I have to do to log into fhis site.

    The other website it refuses to load is Rush Limbaugh's new site. Upon entering the address, it just comes back with cannot load like the google ad sites.
    I have tried removing ad blocker patch from my 4G pad, (And now can't find this patch to reload). Turned off pop up blocker an a half dozen other things with no results.

    Any suggestions? Is there a way to see what is happening during the loading of web sites to see what is happening ie read in and out messages?

    Lastly I still can't get my at&t yahoo mail to work. Have cert grabber but still can't get mail.
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    Did you try opeing the sites in qupzilla for webOS? - Assuming it'll work (which they probablu will) it's probably the easiest solution...QZ isn't perfect (yet), but might fit your needs.
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    Thank you. never was aware of quipzilla. Installed a d it does help on rushlimbaugh site, but not the usa today crossword. But it is a new experence. Thank you.
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    Finally realized I had to use capital letters to get crossword to work. Thanks again for your input. My touchpad stilll lives
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    Maybe it's time to try the OSSL upgrade for mail (although I'd guess you could use Qupzilla for the web interface)?

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