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    I have attempted to charge my touchpad with webOS. the light indicates that it is charging but the power button will not boot up the device.
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    I assume it has not been charged for some time.

    The usual advice is to use a standard phone charger or USB port to trickle charge until the built in charging circuit 'wakes up'. You can then switch to the standard TP charger (which delivers more current than a standard phone charger). However, a flashing alert light on the home button is usually the sign the the device has some charge in it.

    If you are using the correct TouchPad charger which is working properly and you know the USB cable is also good, then it may simply take a long time (days) to bring the battery up to full charge - or at least enough to boot. There is of course the possibility that the battery is in bad shape. Others will have to comment on availability, but it is possible to replace the battery if you are willling to open the unit.

    In the first instance though, just leave it on charge for a while and see what happens. If you report back with progress or symptoms, you'll probably get help in discovering exactly what is preventing the unit from booting.
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    If you have charging lights you're good. Just leave it alone for 24 hours. It'll wake up on its own. No need to keep trying the power button.

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    HP Touchpad will not work with other chargers. Must use HP charger. I just got a new one today that I ordered on for $12.999. The part number is 157-10157-00. I tried using other chargers but no matter how long it was connected, it would not charge. It is charged now and usable.
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    If you think it has charged then hold down [Power} and [Home} buttons for 30 seconds. This will activate the hardware reset circuit and reboot the device. If the Touchpad had enough power this should get it going. If the battery is too low you will have to follow the advice of the other members and let it charge by the usb port for days. It will start when it's ready unless something is broken, such as battery, charging circuit, or some hardware component of the device architecture that would prevent startup. Good Luck.
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