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  1.    #1 a while, it's been getting harder to get YouTube to work really well on the HP Touchpad. But I could still get it to work in various ways and at least get the job done.

    But yesterday for the first time I couldn't get it to work at all.

    Now, if I click on a YouTube video, the page comes up and within the video window all I see is pitch black with the channel's icon in the bottom right and then a series of white geometric lines/shapes that move around within the black. But the video never starts playing. I do remember sometimes seeing the black with white geometric lines/shapes before for a short time, but then the video would load. Now it never loads.

    I've also noticed one other thing just changed with how YouTube is functioning on the Touchpad. One workaround that helped with being able to watch YouTube on full screen was the one where we change the URL format from to . That suddenly doesn't work either and I get a full screen with the video's thumbnail in the background and a message saying "Watch on YouTube - Flash-embedded videos are no longer supported, but you can still watch this video on YouTube." Mind you, this workaround wasn't necessary to watch videos before, only to be able to watch full screen. But I'm just pointing out that this also stopped working at the same time. Maybe that can help diagnose what changed that has led to both things no longer working as they did at the same time.

    Are others having the same experience with YouTube starting just recently? Are there any solutions? Or is this it for watching YouTube on the Touchpad?

    I've managed to keep using the Touchpad after all these years because, although many things work less and less, the most important basic things like surfing the web, watching YouTube videos and watching downloaded videos have kept working. I've always known one day one of those basic things would stop working, preventing me from doing something very basic that I do regularly and that would be the time I'd have to consider getting another tablet. Is it getting close to that time?

    I should note that a couple weeks ago I deleted the browser cache and cookies and cleaned up the var partition as recommended in this post. I think I watched a YouTube video since then on the Touchpad, which would imply this change has nothing to do with that cleanup process. But it's possible I'm forgetting and this was actually the first time I tried to watch YouTube since then. I'm just mentioning this in case anyone thinks there might be some relationship here. I guess if others are not seeing the problems with YouTube that I am now, then it could be to do with this. But if others are having the same problems, it's probably independent.

    EDIT: See for an update. This was just a glitch on my device and YouTube now works fine. So no need to fear.
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    You can always use the LuneTube app from Preware!
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    Yep. LuneTube works pretty well on the Touchpad.
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    Lunetube is 1000% times faster to play a video, than using the browser etc, too.
    As alternative Qupzilla handles decently the youtube website, too
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I would like to try LuneTube first of all. Can you point me to the most reliable current instructions for installing it on WebOS? I see a thread about it but it's a huge thread with all kinds of updates and changes so I'm not completely sure what is up to date.

    Hopefully LuneTube will at least allow me to watch YouTube at all. That will be very helpful. I'm still curious though if other people are seeing YouTube no longer work on their native browser. Is this a real change that happened or is it just something on my end? Even LuneTube won't solve all issues. For example, if someone embeds a YouTube video in a news article, if I'm right and this is an actual change and not just something I need to fix on my end, we won't be able to view it in that context.

    So please help me with how to get LuneTube installed right but still let me know if you're seeing similar behavior starting recently on YouTube in the browser.
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    Lunetube is on Preware, so it's just a question of launching and installing from there
    About the 2nd question... do you have some specific website link you would want people to use to test ?
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    Agreed. The best & easiest thing to do is install LuneTube from Preware.

    Also, you can easily copy & paste YouTube links that appear on web pages, into LuneTube.

    If you use Project Macaw for Twitter, it can open YouTube links that appear in tweets directly using LuneTube.

    I'm not saying this is a great situation, but it's not too bad.

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    I had the same issue on my TP. Clear the browser cache (delete history, cookies, cache) and then reboot the TP, 2 times if necessary, YT should work again.
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    Another solution is to convert the youtube-url to vdyoutube. From there you can open the video in WebOS's default media player (see also: I found that with very long youtube videos (like the 4+ hours long critical role episodes ( the LuneTube and Qupzilla solutions didn't provide a satisfying/usable solution (e.g. adjusting the time on a 4-hour episode in LuneTube could take several minutes). In those cases I prefer to use vdyoutube (even though the site itself isn't that great).

    All in all, there are several good alternatives to continue to watch YouTube on your TouchPad. And you can easily choose the one that fits your needs.
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    Update on this thread:

    When I posted this thread, YouTube wouldn't work in just the way I described in the OP. You guys suggested LuneTube so I got that and it worked right up to the point the video should start, but it wouldn't start. The little colored dots would just move in a circle forever. So neither YouTube or LuneTube would work. This made me suspect something else was going on on my TouchPad rather than the problem being any change in YouTube.

    Well after the last time I rebooted, it all works again. Both YouTube and LuneTube now work. So I guess I was just having a glitch on my own device. It's now fixed. And I guess there is no reason to panic that the days of YouTube on Touchpad are done quite yet.
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    Follow these steps

    NOTE : At firstly uninstall early version and follow these steps:
    - Go to browser and go to youtube ( browser version ) You need to have the latest certifications. Get every certificates pressing allow always.
    - Login in youtube in desktop version and play any video ( Pam Youtube App will be open ).
    - login in Google ( mobile and desktop version).
    - install certificate Grabber and download every certificates.
    - Reboot
    - install this version of LuneTube and login (if fail relaunch again and try it).
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    Unfortunately I have to revive this thread.

    You can see that the problems I was having with YouTube in the Touchpad browser months back, when I started this thread, cleared up pretty soon after. But now they have returned in a new form that seems not to be going away.

    I know YouTube via the browser was working for me not long ago. I remember watching a video there and it working in the last couple weeks.

    Last night I went and tried to watch a YouTube video in the browser. The blue progress bar on the top of the site loads and goes across the screen, but then the video just sits completely black. Unlike before, when I was having the problems I mention in the OP, there is no movement in the video window, no geometric figures or anything. Just still blackness. If I wait a while, nothing happens. If I refresh, the blue progress bar goes quickly across again and then the same thing happens. Everything else on the page including the video's title, the comments, etc. loads fine. Just the video never plays.

    I tried clearing the cookies and cache and powering off and on multiple times. It doesn't fix it.

    I checked my var partition and cleared out some things but it's only at 20% so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

    I do have LuneTube and it works. So I can watch YouTube that way if I want. But many times I prefer watching it on the browser and would really like to have that ability back.

    Has anyone else recently noticed YouTube videos have stopped working in the Touchpad browser? Like in the last couple weeks or days? I'm on WebOS 3.0.5

    Anyone know how to get it working again?
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    Why don't you try/use Qupzilla as browser, for youtube ?

    This said I can confirm the video area is black on the stock browser ( just trying now )
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    Perhaps a routine maintenance Youtube side that affects webOS devices? It has already happened in the past...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    I can confirm the video area is black on the stock browser
    Is the browser significantly different on the Touchpad? I'm not seeing a problem on my Pre 3.
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    uhm, seems I forgot to answer.

    I tried on the pre3, and the results are mixed : one video played only audio ( black video ) ; one video kept looping between black trying to start and spinning circle ; on video acted like the first but changed like the 2nd once I selected hd.

    The pre3 browser invokes the video viewer of the phone, and I think the stock codecs are not enough for part of the new content
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    Same here, site is loading but the video is black.
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    Well, for touchpad users that want to use the browser vs lunetube, there's qupzilla as optional browser.
    only caveat is fullscreen is not fluid at all... but if kept not in fullscreen is fluid.
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    Sad to see it sounds like this might be a real change on YouTube that finally makes it impossible on the Touchpad. All these years I've managed to still be able to do all major things I want to do on it. But this might be the end of that.

    Has anyone tried the suggestion of qupzilla? Or any other alternatives for a browser rather than LuneTube for viewing YouTube videos?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    uhm, seems I forgot to answer.

    I tried on the pre3, and the results are mixed : one video played only audio ( black video ) ; one video kept looping between black trying to start and spinning circle ; on video acted like the first but changed like the 2nd once I selected hd.

    The pre3 browser invokes the video viewer of the phone, and I think the stock codecs are not enough for part of the new content
    Ok, it's probably worth a little time to figure out exactly what's going on here. I just played 30 random YouTube videos in a row, on my Pre 3, without a single problem. The only thing not working are live streams, unfortunate, but not a life changing issue. I'm using the stock Youtube player app and the stock browser, on a fairly new Pre 3 that I doctored to 2.2.4 on Verizon (CDMA).

    I'm willing to probe deeper, to see if I can help.
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