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    Well, I've various patches and an install since 2011.
    The stock youtube app as far as i know should not be working anymore since some years
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Zyphal View Post
    I'm using the stock Youtube player app and the stock browser, on a fairly new Pre 3 that I doctored to 2.2.4 on Verizon (CDMA).
    Fred's post had me give it a try with my FrankenPre2 on 2.2.4 and sure enough, if I turn on JavaScript in the browser I can now play YouTube again.
    I think this is a relatively recent change on YouTube's side because I'm fairly sure that I was still getting the unsupported browser redirect within the last 2 months.
    I can use either the YouTube app (which is just a launcher for the browser) or the browser directly to browse from which the actual videos play in the stock Videos player.
    I think another change is that if I go to in the browser, I get automatically redirected to
    A small gift from YouTube it seems.

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    Well well, guess I'll do a device restart and check again

    Edit :
    nothing changed at all, here doesn't play

    Edit 2:
    at the bottom I pressed "desktop" vs mobile, and it actually worked using lunetube as backend
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbito View Post
    if I turn on JavaScript in the browser I can now play YouTube again
    I probably should have pointed out that I also have JavaScript, as well everything else turned on under the browser prefs.

    I of course remember losing YouTubeability on my Pre 2 a while back, but I swear YouTube has been working fine since day one on my new Pre 3, and I can see from my original thread asking for help setting it up, that day one was 08/11/2017. I just assumed that everyone using 2.2.4 could use YouTube, and that I was now one of the chosen ones, and I didn't think much more about it.

    Just out of curiosity, I woke up the ol' Pre 2 running 2.1.0, and while the YouTube launcher app. is useless, if I browse to it's working fine, with the exception of live streams of course.

    I can't think of anything else to try, but if I can do anything to help sort this out, let me know.
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    I tried on Touchpad with WebOS 3.0.5 going to just to see what happens. It just redirects to regular YouTube, which doesn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misj' View Post
    Another solution is to convert the youtube-url to vdyoutube. From there you can open the video in WebOS's default media player (see also: [Patch] Browser (Touchpad) - Smart URL Cleaner - webOS Nation Forums). I found that with very long youtube videos (like the 4+ hours long critical role episodes ( the LuneTube and Qupzilla solutions didn't provide a satisfying/usable solution (e.g. adjusting the time on a 4-hour episode in LuneTube could take several minutes). In those cases I prefer to use vdyoutube (even though the site itself isn't that great).

    All in all, there are several good alternatives to continue to watch YouTube on your TouchPad. And you can easily choose the one that fits your needs.
    I didn't know that iusse. I going to try to fix it in the next updated.
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