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    My touchpad's battery seems to have drained again, which usually isn't an issue, but this time no matter how long I've charged it for, it does nothing.

    Power + Home does nothing, Power + Home + Vol. Up or Power + Home + Vol. Down to trigger the "QHSUB_DLOAD" mode. Nothing does anything.

    Any suggestions?
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    I remember that you have to hold the power button down for like 40 seconds. Give it a shot, if it works-- great. The worst is a tired finger.
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    The standard advice is to plug into to a standard, 1A, 5V phone charger or USB socket to trickle charge enough to wake up the charging circuit, then switch to the normal charger. Could take a day, or some have reported up to a week, depending on how flat the battery or how long it's been since the unit was last charged up.
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    Touchstone charging has saved a TP in that condition for me...

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