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    my home button stuck on a 15 gb Wi-Fi tablet. I'm in the kcmo area. Any one know how to fix this? Where to take it , can I still put luneos on it
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    Hi Frank. I see no one else has jumped in to help, so I'll try.

    These days, people with webOS devices pretty much do their own hardware repairs.

    For your problem with the stuck home button, you'll have to take apart your TouchPad. Google for the iFixit guide on dis-assembling the HP TouchPad.

    If you're not comfortable doing that yourself, try to find a local phone repair shop, explain your problem to them, and see if they would be willing to try to repair it.

    Another option is to ship it to someone from this forum - like myself or creepingmee - who could repair it for you. I know it's a stretch to ship your device to someone you never met, so that's why I mentioned this option last.

    Good luck.

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