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    my pictures disappeared from my HP Touchpad that I had not used in many years but I wanted to keep my pictures because they meant so much and obviously they're irreplaceable. Especially since my mother passed away some pictures of her we're on we're in the files. I can't think of anything I've done other than access Facebook which initially I could not do. But eventually I was able to access Facebook. After that I noticed my photos were gone. I've done a bit of research and understand that Facebook no longer supports HP web OS and the pictures appear to be gone but, at least one time, they were retrievable. Can anyone help me retrieve my pictures from my HP TouchPad. Should I reach out to Facebook? Thank you so much any help is appreciated.
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    Could be a TP 'Indexing Issue'.. and possibly only coincidental with your F'book visit.

    Try this first anyway:

    1). Install/Run Internalz Pro.
    2). Delete: - ' /var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 '
    3). Reboot the device.
    4). Start Photo App.
    ( + "..Take a Photo - click on the preview to view - Close Camera -
    Close & Re-open Photo app.. " if nec.)
    5). Photos *should* now begin re-loading/indexing correctly.
    Could take quite a loong time - depending upon the number of pictures stored.

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