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    New version doesn't launch on Touchpad 3.0.5. D-Bus installed, Qupzilla updated from Preware.
    TP reboot, uninstall/reinstall D-Bus and Qupzilla doesn't fix.
    Could someone point me an URL to download the previous version 2.2.6-0, April 2018 release?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Could you please try to execute this command on your Touchpad:
    jailer -D -N -i com.nizovn.qupzilla
    It should clean leftovers of previous root jailer configuration.
    If it doesn't work, previous version is available here: com.nizovn.qupzilla_2.2.6-0_armv7.ipk.
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    yes, I can confirm it works clearing the jailer
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    Thanks for testing. I added a note about this to first post and package description. Sorry for inconvenience.
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    Yes pb is solved now, using command line option in webosQuickinstall. Thanks again for your help.
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    no inconvenience. I've instead opted for running it on device ( xterm ).

    What about adding a .sh one line script to execute post install ? I think ipk allow for a post install action/script
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    Yes, putting that command in post install script would also be a solution. However, this would mean keeping this script in future versions as well to ensure that users could update the package skipping some versions. This (a bit unexpected) issue is a result of previous hack and should not appear again. Don't know, I just prefer to execute command manually once under control and have simple clean package in future that wouldn't touch jailer. I also try to avoid using post install scripts if possible.
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