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    I've got 3 Touchpads around the house, and have noticed that their clocks are drifting, despite the fact that the Network Time option is engaged. I'm gonna guess that HP hardwired them to check some HP NTP server that they've since decommissioned. Has anybody done a patch to fix Network Time in dear old WebOS? Or do I need to keep manually setting the clocks from here on out?
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    Look for an app called Clock Sync in PreWare, or the FTP site.

    Not sure why some TouchPads seem fine without it, and others need it.

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    Excellent. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by George Mari View Post
    Look for an app called Clock Sync in PreWare, or the FTP site.

    Not sure why some TouchPads seem fine without it, and others need it.

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    Clock Sync: While its functionality can be compared with a ntp update service, it's not using ntp as there is no official (read for unmodified/unrooted webos devices) way to start a simple ntp update or cron.
    Instead the application uses the date header from a request to a website that is known to have a synchronized time.
    I had a look, but I can't spot a reference to the website it checks...
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    It appears to be here:

    I would have to look at the version that I have installed on a Pre3 on my kitchen wall to verify if versions from other than github have a URL here.

    As for why the devices drift these days, it is because webOS used to point its ntpd to, but obviously that is no more. I haven't checked to see if defining an entry for in /etc/hosts would work. It probably would assuming there isn't any sort of certificate check.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Good idea! Does anyone have a tip for a good NTP server?

    This looks useful:
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    I played with the network time command on one of my phones (I can't remember the command or which phone) a while back, but it never occurred to me that it might be trying to talk to a palm server.. I do remember that it worked fine at the time. After doing a search, I believe it was ntpdate, which now fails unless I pass in a server name.
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    Herrie has a time service patch that needs testing. If it works, it can be added to Preware and the Service Pack meta-doctor. Post here if you are willing to join the test group.
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    Ooh ooh me.
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    yes, please.
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    I am willing to test.
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    Yes, willing test subject here.

    I've been happily using my Pre 3 as the time standard to set other clocks that don't auto-update, not realizing that it was wrong until I read this post.

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