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    Hi guys,

    Ok, I'm inheriting a lightly used Touchpad from a family member. I used to own one a few years ago (2012, I think) and really liked it but sold it in a moment of weakness.
    Anyway, I'm very aware of the state of WebOS in 2017 but haven't really kept up on what's working and what's not and the necessary patches to keep it running. I would love if some of you could point me in the right direction.

    What will I need to do to make it functional as mostly a Kindle reader (main purpose), light internet browsing, and maybe, maybe email? That's it.

    I know I can juice it up to 1.9mHz as I did it to my old one but not sure ir's even necessary.

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    Don't have the links handy, but pivotce has coming back to webos guides that are awesome.

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    Your options are to simply use it as is or start from scratch. If the TP is in good shape, it should be OK as is. If you want to start over, back up first. (link below). It is still possible to get webOS doctors if you make changes to your PC's HOSTS file and you should do this to have a future restore option. Download all TP doctors as I think the earlier one can do more like restore partitions. If you doctor a TP, then on first start up, it will try to contact the HP servers and this won't work, leading to a fault. You don't need this activation as there is no app catalogue or remote back up / wipe anymore, so you need to bypass it.

    Some of the root certificates are expiring and there are no official updates and the authentication process for modern SHA256 certificates seems to be broken of webOS. A fix for this and other issues can be found on the service pack link. The article referred to above is also linked there. It's dated, but still useful.

    Preware is now your only onboard app catalog, although there are a few sources of apps about. A web index of the feeds is on

    That should get you started, but there's lots more to read. Your Touchpad will also run LuneOS - the update of Open webOS with a modern browser. Release announcements from webOS Ports are posted on pivotCE.

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