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    NEW to the board and new to webos.
    1. Bought a 32GB TP at the fire sale when HP was letting go of stock.
    2. Did not do much with it so put it away.
    3. Fast forward to this month and I was googling to see what I could still do with it.
    4. Saw some post on XDA about rooting it to android. Thought... That sounds fun.... BUT did want to brick my unit so found another used 32GB TP on the web and got it.
    5. Found a post that I could sorta understand (I am NOT a developer but I can follow instructions) and the next thing I knew I had the latest Android loaded and I still kept the HP webos).
    6. Hmmm That was fun so I found another cheap 32GB on the web and bought it from Goodwill. Listing said it had been wiped (what do I know I aint a developer)
    7. Came a few days ago with a dead battery.... Plugged it in and eventually it charged up enough to show the dreaded low battery system and the "you cant get there from here sign".... Pressed enough buttons where it went into setup mode.... BUT only so far... DAMN..... Did that a number of times and said ...
    8. Back to google.... Found that the TP was trying to phone home, and with no home to phone back to, it was stuck and would not unlock....
    9. Back to google again and I found a number of post reference this issue at XDA and possible here.... Almost all of the post were convoluted and confusing. Hmmmm
    10. Kept looking and came across a simple page called "Back to Webos" that laid out a process that was so simple even a cave man like me could do it....
    11. In less than an hour (total time even DLing the programs needed) I had the TP back to life...
    12. Sooooo I now have 3 32GB TPs, my original and 2 from the web. One with latest Android and HP operating system and one with a re-born HP operating system.
    13. Now what to do with them.... I came across a reference to the page that has the 6000 or so programs and this forum.... Hmmmm Now what can I do...
    So far all the stuff I have been reading is a bit confusing..... I need some help finding a way forward.... If there are any SIMPLE guides that clearly explain how to load these archived programs I would greatly appreciate it.... Or provide back a simple 1,2,3,4 ..... step-by-step explanation on the "how too" and what programs are need, etc. at the cave man level

    Thanks in advance....
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    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE
    You can ignore steps 6 & 8 if you are willing to install the OpenSSL update (see the service pack link below)
    Once you have webOS Quick Install / Preware you can access the apps. This site's collection is here: App Gallery | webOS Nation. A searchable collection of all the feeds is here: webOS & LuneOS Apps on Preware Catalog

    Maybe you already read this: Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE but you should do the HOSTS file thing and download the device tool and webOS Doctor(s) for your devices. This will enable you to reinstall the OS if you ever need to.

    You can use one of your TPs to test: LuneOS

    The links in the signature below should be of interest.
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    Thanks for the reply. Here is the page that helped me bring the one TP back from the dead
    After reading it again there were a number of links back to This forum
    With his notes, and the links here, it worked great.
    I had looked at the PiviotCE link but was not Shure what Preware is?
    I can follow instructions if they are clear so I will jump in this weekend and see what I can do
    Now after I get all steps completed I am still a bit confused on how to activate the programs once downloaded to my PC then to the TP.
    I will re-read the links again and see if I missed that part.
    Once I get to that level I am looking for a good e-book reader (if one is out there) so I can use one of the TPs as a kindle/nook e-book reader.

    Thanks again....
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    Preware is the "app store" for webOS/LuneOS

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    As above. To keep it brief, the developer mode code allows greater access to the system (beyond the USB partition), including interacting with it using Novacom. It's effectively very easy to 'root' the device. Once developers got access (fairly early after the release of the first Palm webOS devices), the Java program. WebOS Quick Install could be used to sideload apps (and a few other things). The next step was an on-device installer in the form of Preware (install), allowing access to apps without the need to plug in the USB cable. These programs also allow the install of 'patches': pieces of code that alter the behaviour of the system itself (Grabber5.0's patch installation guide). You can even run custom kernels. There is also LunaCE. Since the closure of the official app catalog, the homebrew methods are used to sideload all apps.

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