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    Mamisho is active in the thread so I assume he's seeing this discussion and will post here with any updates on the matter as far as Lunetube is concerned?

    If anyone has any other ideas please share them. I am a bit surprised there isn't any video player for Touchpad that has playback speed control. But maybe that's just because I'm so used to it being standard on so many players I use elsewhere.
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    I just wanted to bump this. Is there really no option for playing back videos (like .mp4 files especially) at different speeds on Touchpad? So far I still haven't found a single one.
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    I deployed Lunetube 0.5 with Playback Speed Options but there are some problems on webkit version of webOS. I donpt know which version of webkit is using webOS 2.4.x and 3.0.5. in desktop / android and LueOs the playback speed is working.
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    Thanks for the improvements but Lunetube 0.5 is broken on HP Pre 3.
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    Thanks from me, too but videos don't start...
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    Are you still working on figuring out how to get Lunetube working properly with playback speed options on WebOS on Touchpad?
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