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    Mamisho is active in the thread so I assume he's seeing this discussion and will post here with any updates on the matter as far as Lunetube is concerned?

    If anyone has any other ideas please share them. I am a bit surprised there isn't any video player for Touchpad that has playback speed control. But maybe that's just because I'm so used to it being standard on so many players I use elsewhere.
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    I just wanted to bump this. Is there really no option for playing back videos (like .mp4 files especially) at different speeds on Touchpad? So far I still haven't found a single one.
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    I deployed Lunetube 0.5 with Playback Speed Options but there are some problems on webkit version of webOS. I donpt know which version of webkit is using webOS 2.4.x and 3.0.5. in desktop / android and LueOs the playback speed is working.
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    Thanks for the improvements but Lunetube 0.5 is broken on HP Pre 3.
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    Thanks from me, too but videos don't start...
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    Are you still working on figuring out how to get Lunetube working properly with playback speed options on WebOS on Touchpad?
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    Hello. Sorry but I can't test on my pre 3 because is not working properly. I need some support to repair my pre 3.
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    Yes. Its really difficult to test in webOS versions because the testing tools are unsupported for new SO versions like MacOS sierra.
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    It's difficult to test on WebOS because the testing tools don't work on Mac OS? Can you explain? Why do you need them to work on Mac in order to test on WebOS?
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    I need to debug PalmSystem and some webkit features. In webos Emulator the multimedia is not working properly, So I need to debug in devices. webos testing tools do not work in windows, linux and Mac All of them latest versions. I need something tool like Palm inspector. I know there are tools like weinre but them don't work in physical devices. Any idea how can I debug multimedia in physical devices?
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    Palm (and HP) used to have the AresDebugger.

    I have a (ripped) version running for personal use at Palm - Ares - v8 Debugger (and AresLog at: Palm - Ares - Log). But I don't know whether that will provide you with enough information to debug this particular problem.

    There are a few caveats. First: you need a browser that still supports JAVA as it uses this to connect to the device. I generally use an old version of Iron (Portable) as modern browsers now block JAVA. Secondly, you'll have to set the security-settings of JAVA to allow the webOSConnector even though it's not signed. Thirdly, you need novacom installed (of course). Once you've set up your environment you should be able to connect to a specific application on the device.

    However - and yes, there are some howevers - AresDebug isn't always as user-friendly as you'd hope. Firstly, you have to run the application at least once before you can connect (you connect to the version in the App jail, so it has to be there), and sometimes I have trouble getting it to update the files when I install a new version. Secondly, I've never been able to connect node services for debugging, even though AresDebug indicates that it can (I couldn't do that either on the original version hosted by Palm). So in short: your mileage may vary, but give it a shot.

    Should it work then I'd kindly ask you to install your own copy of AresDebug on a (local) server; simply because I don't make any guarantees on hosting, or availability. You can download the package here: (897KB).

    Hopefully this helps...

    ps. AresDebug and AresLog are direct rips from the original hosted by Palm. It has the same quirks and I never noticed any loss of features compared to the original. I make no claims about the copyrights of this application, nor about being given permission to host this (for personal or public use) by the copyright-holders. Should any lawyers from either Palm of HP feel that this infringes on their copyrights and does not constitute fair-use (which I would disagree with) please contact me and I'm sure we can work things out.
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    thanks. I gonna try it this weekend .
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    I think I forgot to pitch in. Thanks to the last version, the go is finally able to handle the token to connect to the youtube account
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    Any update? Is there a chance I'll have a video player with speed control for Touchpad from you (or anybody else) at any point?
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    Any news on this?
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