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    In addition to other problems, my Kindle app quit working. Would load, but not show books, and then simply froze at opening. Finally decided to remove and reinstall. It now loads and I get message in center of screen that says "Deregistering device The application was closed before this device was deregistered. Please wait while your device finishes the deregistration process." I wait and wait, but never changes. What now?
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    Maybe you got API'd. Or they just switched off the webOS app bit.


    If others are getting this error, I'll add to the zombie app list.
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    This app still works fine on my 16gb touchpad.
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    works perfectly on the Go

    did you try to check from the amazon side ? I mean, remove the kindle association to the touchpad on the website.
    Then it should be possible to associate it again

    just an idea
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    Also make sure you have the 'latest/last' version = 0.12.50, I believe.

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