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    Bought new Epson printer. My old HP printer died. Can not connect up to new printer. Had no problem connecting to old HP printer. Any suggestion's on how I can get driver modified to work on Epson?
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    Unfortunately the TP only knows how to talk to HP printers. Someone wrote a windows app that would let you print, but it's been a while since I used it. I'm trying to remember the name.. Something like touch2pc or something like that. I'm not certain it still works with New versions of Adobe Reader, which was key to the process. The program converted the printer language into a PDF and printed it. You have to leave it running. There were some tweaks later that made things a bit cleaner (I can't remember all of the details.. I think it left Adobe Reader open after printing the doc due to limitations of Reader's command-line handling). Also not all print options were supported, but at least it worked.
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    You're right. It's called Touch2pc. Can't believe I still had a copy of it saved. Here it is:
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    I should try to get it running again. I remember working on a script that was run instead of reader directly, to change the args to try to keep reader from hanging around.
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    I wonder if the Linux version someone was going to try to write ever got anywhere. Would be a good use for a Raspberry Pi.
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    I thought someone installed cups on the TP? Does the Epsom support that? No model number given.
    Here you go - seasonally apt as well! The Second Day of webOS-mas Print from your phone | pivotCE

    Here is a list of Epsom models:
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    It's been a loooong time since I used Touch2pc but if I remember right, once I had it set up all I did was create a shortcut of the Touch2PcPrinter.exe to my startup folder in Windows so it would automatically run in the background everytime I booted my pc and I was able to print anytime I needed to without having to take any additional steps.

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